Soooo… this is the number for “no clothes on” from this OC Art Prompt.

Technically she’s naked… Just covered up some. >.> Nothing fancy, tried to do a quick sketch and add some base-ish colors. Just out of the shower or something? >.> Idk.

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Those zepplins…

The planets have aligned. The invasion is coming.




This is some absolutely gorgeous art from vylla-art!

That’s my Serri! Look how… just… her face… and armor and gah. I literally get butterflies in my stomach looking at her. She’s so beautiful.

It’s early so expect to see her again throughout the day! (As if anyone would mind, amirite?)

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Just chilling in the Royal Exchange with galdrofrebirth and atiesh

this picture is far too small to truly encapsulate my presence

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“Why didn’t the Warrior cross the road? No path available.”
— Erodan, Moon Guard (via oathstrong)
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Diablo III: The Demon Hunter- by Nicolas Barge

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