did I tell you about the time I tried to solo a CM

it went amazingly well

First name: Azuka Nickname: The Burning Blademaster Age: Age means nothing to a true warrior Gender: female Sexual Orientation: brutal Nationality: Iron Horde Relationship status: Taken with her blade Likes: Her blade, training, killing Horde and Alliance Dislikes: Horde and Alliance, dishonorable conduct Random fact: Great at fighting.



Relationship status: Taken with her blade


In 42 days, it will have been an entire year without World of Warcraft having been updated.




There is a producer at Blizzard that gave the go ahead to release patch 5.1 two months after MoP had been released and patch 5.3 two months after 5.2 had been released.

The decision to leave us with such a fucking unreasonable dry spell has probably cost Blizzard tens of millions of dollars from people unsubbing. That producer, whoever he is, is responsible for the biggest fuck up in game release scheduling since Guitar Hero. And he did it all by himself. Way to go, cunt. I hope you got fired.

They are looking for a producer on the careers page so, maybe? I doubt it though.

If blizzard fired people who were bad at what they were supposed to do, why do they have the writing staff they do?

they just repeatedly talked about getting expacs out faster and faster than before but they obviously can’t do it if they would’ve spaced out the tiers better like 5 months and 5 months 5.3 would only be half a year old and that all doesn’t seem so great either but it’s better than what we got I hope they’ve learned their lesson for WoD

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everytime I see thrall I spit on him


my face when I found out belf models won’t be out by launch

Trapped in Draenor



Lore-wise, your char doesn’t know for sure if s/he will make it back when you go.

I guess that answers how RPers could do WoD at the start.

/waiting for the shield to drop off Hagara because you can’t solo the lightning storm

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i felt a great disturbance in the force

as if millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror

and were suddenly silenced

Just to throw this out again, they are not coming with the WoD release still. Just in case people think the are with this.




Maybe this will encourage people to play other races for a few months.

I been playing belfs looking like this for 8 years being the only race not updated ain’t changing that

Blood Elf Models Won’t Be In By Launch





Blood elf models won’t be in by launch.

Quitting until they patch them in

With the extra time, those revamps better be fucking incredible.  I’m just sayin’.

This is beyond disappointing. You’d think they’d get one of their most popular races (undeniably most popular among the Horde) done before the launch rather than leave it as the ONLY ONE that will not be updated by launch. We’ve seen previews for every other race but trolls, and we all know they’ll get those done. They can get tree people and new druid forms and new bird people done for launch, but they can’t get Blood Elves done by launch? Someone didn’t manage time or resources well.

considering how many other things they’ve had to cut out of launch or entirely, yeah they don’t seem too good at time management right now

they said they wanted to drop an expac a year or year and a half but it obviously doesn’t work they should’ve learned by now how to spread the three tiers out properly so we don’t have this dry time, instead of trying to rush it

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