Shrine of Two Moons

how menacing

I have also lost sympathy for whining directed at the female worgen models because yeah they’re silly but they looked different in the beta. maybe you weren’t one of the people that bitched about it then but more than enough of the community did and it got worse and this doesn’t seem to be as widespread knowledge as it should be by now. and anyone that does bring up the original being better than what we got act like blizzard just changed it ‘cause they were bored not that they listened to the community for the worse.

IN CONCLUSION I’d rather see abomination model updates before anything else tbh I want them to look out of a horror movie, any takers?

LOL that space goat.... How would Alkrenon react to seeing one?


And here is a direct comparison using the “Copy Character” feature to bring my priest directly into the beta. I think the results are amazing. Even the armor looks smoothing and more fleshed out in places.

I don’t even know what happened to that thing but like

vanilla races were a 1 then bc were 2 and cata was like 5 maybe and pandas were 7 and draenor is like 8? no I wasn’t around before bc came out but I never really saw a quality difference between them and nilla personally but over time they’ve really seemed to look more on the same level especially with all the new ones coming out. no need to get so aggressive. yeah you got a hamburger and bc gave a cheeseburger and then cata got a big mac and now they’re giving steak out and you don’t want us to have a steak just because you didn’t wanna put cheese on your burger those years ago. everyone deserves steak 

lol I just thought it’d go well with that poor cheetah I’ve looked at these belf models for 8 years I’m not gonna fuckin race change just ‘cause someone else got their new paint first.



everyone’s going through the beta and model viewer freaking out over how their characters will look in WoD and the blood elves are over here like



Goblin’s don’t have it any better. (Couldn’t resist XD)

you’re right goblins are still on the same level as blood elves.

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